Spring is here in full force and it is time to get your yard summer ready!  Here are some tips we would like to share.

  1.  Pre-treat for weeds:  These treatments help with keeping your yard in check with those pestering weeds and keeping your grass nice and green!  If you’re unable to afford to have a lawn care company spray I recommend treating it yourself.  It is very inexpensive and you get just as good results.  All you need is Scotts Weed and Feed with a hand held spreader and your on your way to having a beautiful lawn!
  2. Start mowing, edging and trimming now every 2 weeks.  If you do not own a mower please contact us and we can provide you with name and numbers of some Lawn Care companies that can do it for you at a reasonable cost.  Remember also that many houses have Home Owner’s Associations and have rules in place as does the City that lawns are to not be over grown.  Keeping your lawn cut regularly will not only ensure no violations, but it also helps keeps mice and snakes from nesting.
  3. Be sure to water in the evenings vs daytime.  This will help with preventing the grass from burning in the sun.  It will also help with keeping your bushes and landscaping happy and healthy.  If any bushes or landscaping dies due to not being taken care of you will want to make sure you replace.
  4. Moles!  Do not let them take over your lawn.  There are many ways to treat and if you begin to see the tunnels please contact a Pest Control company or go to your local hardware store for some advice to run them off.  They unfortunately can be very destructive if not taken care of quickly.
  5. Bushes:  On a regular basis you will want to trim your bushes.  I recommend they be kept trimmed back from the house and windows so that it prevents too much moisture against the house and ant issues.  You will also want to trim back from the exterior condensing unit (a/c unit) so that it has a chance to have plenty of airflow and work at its optimal ability.
  6. Gutter:  It is important to clean your gutters in the spring and fall, that way during the rainy season (which in Oklahoma is year around) they work properly.
  7. Dogs:  Be certain that you pick up after your dog on a daily basis.  Also, if they dig holes please fill them immediately and spread some grass seed down.
  8. Fallen Tree Limbs:  Always pick up and bundle them up.  Most City trash removal companies will pick up on trash day if they are broken down and tied in a bundle.  Always check with your local trash department to make sure.
  9. Leaf Removal:  This is best done during the fall, however, if you choose to wait until spring be sure to blow out and bag them up so that they do not cause an issue with mold or mosquitos
  10. Trees:  If you notice a tree causing damage to the house or getting ready to fall please report it to our Maintenance Department for us and the Owner to review.

I hope these tips have helped you.  Unless your lease states otherwise you are responsible for the lawn upkeep.  You’re not alone though so if you need any assistance at all please contact our office and we can provide you with advice or refer you to a professional.  When renting a house, especially if it is for the first time the lawn up keep overwhelming but as long as you keep up on it at an early start you will reap the benefits of a beautiful lawn!

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