“I love the thorough pictures taken on move in/out as a reference so I don’t have to go by the property to see what happened while the tenant was living there.”
– Deidra R.

“I just became a client of yours but I am looking forward to the hands-off part of our relationship and letting your company handle everything.”
– Pam L.

“I appreciate that APMS takes care of ALL of my rental property issues, from dealing with delinquent rent payments to handling the maintenance issues at all times of the day to taking care of the regular everyday business tasks.”
– Shelly D.

“I am very appreciative of how Accent takes a hands-on, proactive approach to property management, and that everyone puts forth an honest effort to protect each owners interest in rental property.”
– Jason B.

“Knowing my property is in good hands and I’m stress free.”
– Nell B.