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Renting Your Property? Accent for Lease is Here to Help!

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Take the hassle off of you as a homeowner: hire a property management company!

As a fellow investor and owner of Accent Realtors, I hit a point in my investing career where I couldn’t juggle all of the balls of running a real estate company, personally managing over 100 doors of my own and being a husband and a dad. I went looking for a local property management company to manage my portfolio because at Accent Realtors, we only did sales. As I searched and searched, I realized I was not comfortable with any of the local companies based on their ability to protect and improve my investment, find great tenants, keep my expenses low and my occupancy high. I decided to start a property management company that thought like an investor. Not only would it have incredibly talented managers, we would also have a board of directors meeting weekly that were investors as well. That combination has helped us build a company that thinks like investors and cares for tenants in a way that continually improves retention and your return on investment. If you’re looking for a property management company that understands investors, please call us. We would love to share how we maximize your profits.
-Paul Wheeler, Investor and Owner of Accent Realtors

Are you a current homeowner in the Tulsa area who is considering renting your property to others? Accent for Lease can help!

When it comes to property management, not all companies are created equal. Accent For Lease is an experienced company with a track record for delivering quality service at a great price.

At Accent For Lease, we're raising the bar for regional property management companies.  We manage some of the area's most desirable rentals from residential to commercial properties. 

Our company works hard to provide our clients with management solutions to ensure that their properties operate smoothly and increase a property's desirability to attract and retain tenants.

Here are some of the ways we serve homeowners like you who are trying to rent their property:

We facilitate communications between you and the renter

We promptly meet the needs of the renter to ensure long-term retention

We keep channels of communication between you, us and the renter open

Here are some of the ways we work tirelessly for you:

  • Thorough and detailed background checks of potential renters
  • Prompt response to tenant needs
  • Enhanced investment value by providing maintenance options
  • Quick communication with you concerning items that might affect your investment
  • Communications with Residents
  • Communications with Residents
  • Communications with Residents
  • Rent Collections
  • Eviction Proceedings
  • Contract Renewals

Some of the benefits of working with us are:

  • 24/7 access to your owner portal with live information
  • Direct deposit of monthly rent
  • Experienced team members in all aspects of property management
  • Annual Inspections
  • Maintenance Requests
  • Annual Inspections of Heating, Cooling and Air Systems at an additional fee
  • Marketing for Both Existing and Upcoming Properties
  • Showing Vacant Properties to Prospective Residents 

At the end of the day, our goal at Accent Property Management Services is simple. We want to remove as much of the stress that normally comes with property ownership from your life as possible, allowing you to both increase your return on investment AND get the rewarding, enriching experience out of the industry that you were looking for in the first place. Please contact Property Manager Michelle Prince if you are a new Owner interested in using our services at 918-991-6720 or Thank you!